Studying in a Time-Crunch!!

If you really just came here for the tips, and are extremely pressured for time, or just really don’t want to read, skip to the bottom where the numbered points are at 🙂

So, today, is my attempt at delving in  the impossible act of starting a blog – another one, again. And yes, it probably will fail, miserably, terribly – as you can see, I have much faith in my abilities and the allure of my words to attract crowds. But more than that I suspect it is my tendency to write privately and solve my own problems, sometimes blogging once a month. And sometimes, even, blogging twice a year. That I believe, makes it impossible for this blog to thrive. And to have successful following.

Regardless, I feel like writing an entry and as my will often wins, or is it that it caves because of my terrible willpower – I am going to write an entry. Today on what? Procrastination. My procrastination, mainly. You’ll be amused to find that this whole blog is me practicing my procrastination, in order to help you not procrastinate. But more generally, studying in a time-crunch and getting to it.

I have a biology exam in three days, one in which I haven’t studied for. Absolutely. Despite having had a biology exam (more theory-based and this one even scarier for it is multiple-chioce) you would think I’ve studied something by now. But I can assure to amaze and disappoint you simultaneously; in the span of 8 days, now five days done, I have not laid a mere one of my sacred fingers on such unholy books. Anything, really, to do with homework. And I find myself thinking – what did I actually do?

I chatted to a friend a bit, and we fostered a bit of a closer connection. I watched one episode of Famous In Love (something I never thought I’d admit out loud to have liked, funny considering how now having said this it will roam on the internet for all of eternity to my avid horror ) which my sister made me, and I spent close time with my brother and my sister. And I ate a lot; more than anything, I got fat, I think. But I think that’s true with anyone, lounging about with no responsibility for a long time in sight.

And so I told myself, I am going to study today. The textbook daunts me, it truly does. For I have attempted notes on a single topic so many times that rereading it again to absorb information, I swallow these overwhelming urges to throw it across the room, and abandon the whole prospect of studying and doing well. When I haven’t studied, properly I might add, for a single exam this whole Mock season what makes this one so different?

  1. I think first, like this blog entry, the act most hardest to start is not actually, physically start, but that is one of the hardest hurdles. But when I’ve started multiple times, and I’ve been distracted, or my interest has wavered, and I found myself doing something else. The most important thing I’ve realized, in studying (say for a whole day) is to sustain. 
  2. . Make yourself concrete, achievable goals and don’t mope around the internet, mindlessly scrolling around tips to study, and how, and the best way for memory retention (I have been there, and I have done that). Rather, watch one or two good videos (because one or two tips do enhance and help your techniques often) but because you are in a time crunch, just focus on the studying. Either the Pomodoro Technique, or even say to yourself you’ll work for the whole day. If you get up at 10 AM and plan to sleep at 10 PM, and you say that you will work forty minutes and relax for twenty minutes, each hour, now bear with me, you will have still completed 8 hours worth of studying !! And if you decide to study for forty-five minutes, and take a fifteen minute break each hour, you will have studied 9 hours !! A whole extra one!
  3. These two methods are perfect for people who find that they can’t focus for long times, and in these methods you are pushing yourself to focus for a short time, for a reward at the end. A light at the end of the tunnel, if I can muse. JUST DO IT. My advice is pretty simple, even criticizably-worth simple, but if you follow it, you will get a lot done. And I hope that if you do choose to use one of them, that it helps you 🙂
  4. Guess I got to go, having got my own time-crunch and studying to do. But, hey, for a procrastinator writing a post, this was actually really productive and geared even me on the right track. Well, we’ll see…. Whether I sustain (yes, cross-referencing, I am officially a master-blogger) my studying.

Peace, peoples. Enjoy. Stay in school. Saying “Don’t do drugs” seems appropriate here to. And the weird, awkward conversational banter I have decided to arbitrarily put in, too lazy to take out. And enjoy, and laugh, and have fun. Exams are such a small window of your life, push, get them done with so you can enjoy other things, and with friends. Try not to panic, and instead, spending five-ten minutes laying a quick plan on how to fit all your studying into a day, or two, or whatever your time limit is. And make sure you cover everything – revision guides help so much as well! And if you’re doing your A-levels, go for the CGP guides : they’re amazing.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with these measly tips that you probably could’ve gotten from every crack and corner of the internet, and probably more simply explained, without the self-deprecation jokes, and the cringe I’m-wasting-my-life occasional feeling that often seeps through sappy blog posts in my writing. Good luck guys.



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