The Pursuit of Being Follow-Worthy

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. And no, I am not talking about Christmas. Though that, actually, is very soon. I am talking about that time of the year, where I decide to have a social life. Let me rephrase, since I do have slivers of friends, and some shreds of social interactions. I meant to say, where I decide to have a better online life, on platforms like Instagram, snapchat and twitter. Instagram, specifically.

I did have an Instagram account, which had over three hundred followers. Now, I’m not bragging – though by many teenager standards, they would consider that “decent” or “average” – but I’m just stating the facts, so you understand I was not a total loser. I did really have a normal amount of followings, and I was happy. But I think for me, that decision to delete, came from my obsession with how many likes I got, who liked my picture, and how many comments I got per picture. It wasn’t that I wanted to share my experiences with the world, I was more trying to show the world how popular how and follow-worthy I was, if you must. Quitting this social network, has left me with a lot of free time, and a freeness to the way I communicate with people. I no longer have to question friendships, with “She didn’t comment on my picture. I thought she was my friend. Is she embarrassed to be seen with me?” or “She has way more followers than me .I could never hangout with her.” I cultivated my personality, according my feelings, emotions, and character and I never felt more true to myself than I was this year.

That being said, I was a different person I was a year ago. Today, I have more self-confidence in myself, and my actions, and consequently in my posts. I never post obscenely, but if I do show a little skin I will not debate whether people call me a “slut” or a “hoe” (Note, I am completely against the whole slut-shaming, misogynist practice) because I won’t care. I simply won’t.

Creating a new account on Instagram again, is because of my want to capture my life, and my events, and the people in it. To look back on my life, just scroll through my Instagram, and see the milestones or key moments in my life shared publicly. Like a page, of all the important, euphoric moments in my life, good selfies included, all in one, shared with the people I love (well, most of them and others). I think that’s what this is really about.

I am ready to bear the initial pain of finding followers, and requesting, and waiting patiently till I get fifty, then still trying. Makes it worse, when people think you’ve had that account with the thirty followers your whole life. But I want to stick with it, and create a platform where I comfortable to display my pictures of friendship, of portraits and of family with the world. Not to inspire jealousy, or to avoid spite, but for my own happiness and joy.

I think that’s what we should keep in mind, when posting and following and commenting. Spread some love, give some up, and take little in return for ourselves by default. I sound like Gandhi, stereotypically of me saying, so I’m going to stop. But you get the main message, and I’m glad I got it as well.


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