Trying to Make Blogging not “Suck” so to speak

Blogging. Hmm. How many times have I tried to dabble in this disaster in waking.

Do not misunderstand me; I love writing. In fact, that’s all I’m good at. I love to do it. I try to write stories, sometimes try to finish books, and short stories mostly. About people – weird people, strange people – anything and everything I can get my hands on, from inspiration and I write all this in motivation.

I’m only sixteen, thought you should know.

And as a teenager, having my experience in rebelliousness and opting to be the opposite, in my mundane, and very ordinary life lately I have been diagnosed with debilitating boredom. I mean no offense to people suffering from any actual disease. Of course, yours includes much more suffering, than my angsty, privileged problems.

But in my boredom, and my writing rut, I have struck the fantastic idea to start blogging.

Of course, this isn’t the first time I’ve had this idea. But let’s choose to ignore the other times, where I have failed miserably and instead move positively, to where I am now (again, might I add) going to start blogging.

So please do admire duly my efforts to start afresh again, and if you are reading this, and did not immediately want to puke after, might I suggest you subscribe or check up on a few of my other oncoming posts. Truly, I will appreciate it. And truly, I will try providing quality, non-puke-worthy material for you as the reader, to digest and digress as your dinner for the day. I hope it will make your mind swell with knowledge, and your heart with delight. I hope I do not bore you immensely, and that you will not abandon me.

For if reading is food, and I do like both let it be known, I would gladly love to prepare you the finest blend of opinion and experience I own.

Thank you. I promise to do the best I am able to do, and to try make my jokes my better and non-puke-worthy.

Will you, as the reader, choose to walk through this disaster with me?

Sincerely yours



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